Freshie Fundraiser

We offer an exciting and different fundraiser for any sport/reason. It can be done as a group or as an individual.
What is a Car Freshie?
Freshies are designed to hang in your vehicle to add a little bit of personality and fragrance to your daily drive. They are made with premium aroma beads and fragrances and can last up to 4 weeks outside their scent proof bag or up to a year in their scent proof bag. They are 3" round and the design on top is 2.5" round.
How much do I sell them for?
You will sell your freshie for $12 and will get to keep $5 from each one sold.
How long is the fundraiser and What is the Turn Around Time?
The fundraiser can run anywhere between 2-4 weeks. Once order forms and money is returned, my turn around time is 4 weeks (could be sooner depending on size of order and what I have ready on hand)
Is there a minimum that needs to be order?
Absolutely not! You can sell 4 or 400, we got you no matter what!
What about the designs on the Freshies?
The Designs are totally up to you! You can send me whatever design you want to use or I could provide with a sheet of designs you can choose from. You get to choose 10 designs for your fundraiser.
This fundraiser is 100% custom to you and your organization.
Below is an example of what the flyer will look like
For more info or If your interested in starting a fundraiser, Fill out the info below and we will reach out to you within 24-48 hours. Thank you!

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