About Grey & Grace

Thank you for visiting and shopping at Grey & Grace. Let us introduce ourselves and tell you a little about our lives. We are Christine and Kelly. Stay at home moms, great friends and now business partners.

We are both happily married to our very supportive husbands and each have 3 beautiful children.

One autumn day in 2016, we met for the first time at our church and found out we had children who went to school together. The rest is history - we scheduled play dates for our kids, girls night outs for us, and in return we formed an amazing friendship. We started talking about life and dreaming of things we could achieve, all while staying home with our kids.

We knew that we both had a love for simple, beautiful, reasonably priced jewelry that any woman could afford and wear. Jewelry that compliments the natural beauty of a woman, allowing her to feel feminine and classy.

We want every girl and woman to know that you are created with a purpose. You are loved. You are beautiful. You are a treasure.

This is not only what we think of you but this is what God sees when He looks at you - you’re His most wonderful creation.

Every time you look at your piece of Grey & Grace, we hope you are reminded of how treasured you are.

But, what's the meaning behind the name "Grey & Grace"?

The first one is easy - Grey is our favorite color. Grey is subtle, classy, elegant. It is calm, yet beautiful. It goes well with everything. Grey is everywhere in our lives.

What about Grace? Well, Grace is an essential part of our lives. Without God's Grace, we wouldn't be here, we wouldn't be who we are.

We are so thankful for each of you!

With love,